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Xplore Lakeside

Founded in 2019, Xplore Restaurant Group operates restaurants at the three largest golf courses in Hot Springs Village, including Granada Golf, Isabella Golf, and Desoto Golf course. Additionally, our flagship steak and fresh seafood restaurant, Xplore Lakeside, provides a fantastic lakeside dining experience on the shores of beautiful Lake Balboa. The Beehive Neighborhood Hangout, Kroc Coos Cajun To Geaux, and Artfully Baked and Brewed complete our offerings that provide award-winning fresh, local, made-from-scratch culinary experiences.

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Meet Greg Jones

Greg Jones, Owner of the Beehive
Neighborhood Hangout, Xplore Lakeside, and Co-Owner of Artfully Baked and Brewed.

Leveraging a long history of entrepreneurial endeavors in the technology industry and extensive career experience in marketing, finance, and sales, Greg Jones has now brought that entrepreneurial expertise and energy to Hot Springs Village. Just a year ago, Jones opened the Beehive Neighborhood Hangout,  which focuses on a creative menu featuring fresh ingredients and an upbeat friendly atmosphere that attracts Village residents and visitors alike.  His latest endeavor, Xplore Lakeside, promises to offer another creative menu, craft brews, and unusual mixed drinks—in a setting that will spotlight Lake Balboa and again provide a welcoming atmosphere for residents and visitors. 

It should be no surprise that Jones was voted Citizen of the Year 2018 and Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 by the Hot Springs Village Chamber of Commerce. Since moving to HSV full time in 2015, Jones has devoted his efforts to improving the lives of Village residents through his entrepreneurial successes and his involvement in various activities. He founded the Beehive

Neighborhood Hangout restaurant in September of 2017 and has led it to the top-rated restaurant in Hot Springs Village by emphasizing great fresh food, local live entertainment, locally sourced products, and fantastic service.